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We offer a wide selection of services for your Jeep, Truck, or 4x4, and with over 50 years of combined experience, there is a chance we’ve done it or tried!

Vehicle Maintenance

All of our technicians are formally trained as automotive mechanics and are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania as Emissions, Safety, and Enhanced Inspectors. We can provide all maintenance needs that you may have from engine oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, differential fluid changes or any number maintenance requirements as specified by vehicle manufacturers. Did you just purchase a used truck or Jeep and are not sure what maintenance has been completed? We have the recommended maintenance schedules and can get you back on track to specified preventative maintenance.

General Repairs

Have you noticed your steering getting loose? Are you seeing a wet spot under your Jeep or Truck? Are those lights on the dash annoying? We have the capability and experience to perform most general automotive repairs. We have the latest diagnostic software to read codes, perform self tests, and find malfunctions throughout the complicated electronic systems in newer vehicles. We also are able to troubleshoot the Tire Pressure Monitor Systems which are found on all vehicles 2007 and newer. We house many different specialty tools needed to fix most Jeeps, Trucks and 4x4s.


We love ring & pinions and are proud to offer differential rebuilding, re-gearing and locker installations. We are a Dealer for Yukon Gear, RCV Performance & Nitro Gear. Do you need more strength than your stock axle housing can take? We are familiar with and have installed complete custom axles from Dynatrac, Teraflex, and Currie. Traction is important whether trail riding at your favorite offroad park, getting to the ideal hunting location, or traveling through difficult weather. We offer differential locker installation and have experience installing and using the most popular differential lockers available on the market such as ARB, Detroit, Yukon, OX Locker, and Eaton.

Lift Kit Installation

We provide lift kit installation for the most popular Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota vehicles produced. We have installed suspension systems varying in height, offroad capability, cost and brands. We also provide consultation services; reviewing driving style, budget and how you use your vehicle to ensure that you choose the best suspension for your expectations. Some of our favorite brands include Rough Country, MetalCloak, American Expedition Vehicles, Pro Comp Suspensions, Readylift & Toy Tec. We also offer complete 4x4 alignment, speedometer calibration, and headlight aiming. These details are often forgotten when the vehicle ride height is changed, but are important to overall outcome.

Jeep, Truck & Offroad Accessories

We sell and install many of the best aftermarket accessories to compliment your Rig! Contact us and ask about Winches, Bumpers, Lighting, Tonneau Covers, Hitches & Skid Plates! We have installed many different accessories and are very familiar with fitment, quality, and use. An awesome bumper, winch and lights will make your Jeep or truck stand out from the rest!


​Most Jeeps, Trucks and 4x4’s equipped with a suspension lift or custom suspension require a comprehensive understanding of steering and suspension physics. We utilize the industry leading Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System to perform very accurate alignments, even on lifted, modified, or custom suspensions. We are able to align suspensions with adjustable control arms, track bars and varying ride heights. Along with standard alignment specs we are able to measure ride height, detect bump steer, determine frame damage & reset steering angle sensors. We are able to perform specialty alignments, body shop alignments, & tuned suspension alignments.

Our Work

We've had the opportunity to work on some great trucks and Jeeps! Here are a few of the vehicles we've worked on.

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